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The network protocol TCP / IP, a port is a mechanism that allows a computer to support multiple sessions and connections with other computers on the network program. Port can identify applications and services that use network connections on TCP / IP. Thus, the port also identifies a specific process in which a server can provide a service to clients or how a client can access a service that exists in the server. Ports can be identified with numbers 16-bit (two bytes) called the Port Number and classified by type of transport protocol to be used, in Port TCP and UDP port.


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  • Server IP OpenVpn-Udp OpenVPN-TcpOpenSSHDropbear - 22,80443 22443 22443 22443 - 1194 22 443 25000 1194 22 443 22443 22443

VPN and SSH is a technology that uses the internet or public network which is very vulnerable to theft of information or data. Then the VPN using the method of encryption to scramble data passed. By using the encryption method, ata security will be adequately secured from data theft. Although there are those who can tap the data passing through the Internet or the path of the VPN itself, but not necessarily the tap can read the data because the data have previously been scrambled. It can be concluded from this confidentially function means that the data is transmitted haya accessible to people who are entitled to it.